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Audio –  Divine Hardwood at the Buildex Calgary Home Show

Hardwood flooring now comes in engineered water-resistant materials and if you are diligent and intelligent about its use, you can actually install hardwood in your lavatory.


Audio –  Concrete Innovations at the Buildex Calgary Home Show

Concrete Innovations talks about the benefits and timeless nature of concrete and where they see concrete fitting into the home as a viable alternative surface and fabrication material for home improvement and renovation in the years to come.


Audio –  2Stone at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

Concrete sinks and countertops in your bathroom? And why not, few other countertop surface materials offer more customization in shape, color, size, design options and thickness.


Audio –  Attersall Marketing at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

Talk about deep cleaning, profuse sweating cleanses your body more thoroughly than soap and water because it opens your pores and causes dead cells and hard to reach grime to be flushed out of your skin without harsh chemicals.


Audio –  L & K Plumbing at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

Most people would agree that heating and cooling systems are two important factors for those looking to purchase a new home and are an integral part of having a comfortable indoor living environment.


Audio –  Slate in Design at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

Captivating, alluring, enduring and enchanting are just a few of the words that come to mind when looking at these emotionally uplifting wall waterfalls created by Slate In Design.


Audio –  Bath Solutions at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

Bath Solutions can help you upgrade the look and function of your bathtubs, showers and other lavatory fixtures to complement or re-do your washroom décor and make everything look new again.


Audio –  Spa Berry Jetted Tubs at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

SpaBerry is a cosy little jetted hot tub made for two. It has been called the new home appliance of the 21st Century because you can use it anywhere, anytime, and in any type of weather because it comes with a lid that you can take off for easy access.


Audio –  Cerastone at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

These stones are so realistic in craftsmanship and expertise and have the visual believability and feel of natural stone that anyone would be hard pressed to believe otherwise. Strong, durable and completely weather and UV resistant, their products are totally maintenance free.


Audio –  Prestige Granite and Stone at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

Granite is perfectly suited for countertops because of its durability, beauty and practicality. Another interesting distinction of granite is that no two slabs are the same, so that each countertop that is manufactured and installed is a unique work surface.


Audio –  Striking Glass  at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

What if you could have beautiful decorative art in your bathroom that would never get mold, mildew or any other sort of water damage? This is where Penny Ellis of Striking Glass comes into play…


Audio –  Makore Kitchen and Fine Renovations at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

If passion, swift delivery and a competitive price is your criteria for choosing a renovation company then I suggest you check out Makore Kitchens and Fine Renovations.


Audio –  Alberta Hardwood Flooring at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

With all the buzz about going green, homeowners are following the trends and looking for natural, earth-friendly products when renovating their bathrooms. Cork flooring is durable and with proper care will last for decades.


Audio –  Roll Out Drawers at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

The great thing about these clever roll-out sliding drawers is that they eliminate needless bending and digging in hard to see crevices at the back of your storage space.


Audio –  OnEsta Tile at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

When most people think of heated tiles they imagine a hot toasty floor but you really don’t want your floors to be steaming hot, just warm enough so you won’t be chilled to the bone when you step out of your warm bed onto them in the wee hours of the morning….


Audio –  Hansen Plumbing at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

While tankless water heaters have been around in Europe for many, many years they have not until recently in the last couple of years taken root in North America.


Audio –  J Damer Windows and Doors at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

What you will actually be doing in your washroom will also determine which windows style you choose. There are many different types of windows you can place in your bath from double hung (slider windows) to casement (awning windows) which are great to ventilate steam out of your washroom.


Audio –  Interiors With Elegance at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

I was fortunate enough to bump into Yvonne, who works for Interiors With Elegance, a company that specializes in residential renovations. She was able to set me straight on the cocooning trends of creating a spa like atmosphere in your bathroom and the popularity of touchless systems in your bath.


Audio –  Cliff Designs Multimedia Systems at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

The heart of Cliff Designs is their Media Server which joins together all your digital entertainment into a high performance, “one” component system where you can enjoy on demand TV, pictures, music, videos and movies throughout your entire home.


Audio –  Boda Sauna at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

We have all heard that saunas are a good lifestyle choice but few people seem to know the reason why?


Audio –  Svena International at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

Ok, I must admit, I am a vessel sink junkie. I just love the stylish new designs that have come out on the market recently. Vessel sinks demand attention and I love the tall vessel faucets that normally accompany these trendy above counter sinks.


Audio –  Sheilas Drapery at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

At The Calgary Home + Interior Design Show I had an interesting talk with Sheila’s Drapery about shutters in your bathroom and the best type of moisture resistant window dressing for your bath


Audio –  Apex Tile and Marble at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

With a wide spread customer base that includes; homeowners, contractors, builders, remodelers & designers, they serve the community at large. Listen now as I interview one of the owners about the tile and marble industry.


Video –  Installing a Showerpan Made Easy

Home improvement expert Randy Davis brings you over three hours of detailed insider information you can download right away and watch on your computer or television set as he shows you the ins and outs of installing a shower pan and ceramic tile.


Audio –  CaesarStone Quality Quartz Surfaces

These high tech, non porous, innovative surfaces created by CaesarStone are perfectly suited for the sometimes unforgiving environment of a bathroom or kitchen setting due to the materials integral hygienic, scratch and heat resistant properties.


Audio – Simple Weekend Remodeling Projects

These weekend bathroom projects offer you a multitude of different ways of adding your own personal touch and creating a great bathroom that not only address your more common needs but also offers you some ideas on updating or remodelling your bathroom.


Audio – Kitchen and Bath Classics a Wolseley Company at Home Expo 2010

Planning home improvements or remodeling your kitchen or bath? Constructing a new home or upgrading a bathroom, Kitchen & Bath showrooms offer you a huge collection of plumbing fixtures, soaking tubs, faucets, bath accessories and eco friendly bathroom products to make your home renovation project. a success .


Audio – Water Solutions Home Expo 2010

Solve hard water problems. Having a water filtration and water purification system in your home gets rid of chlorine, calcium and magnesium in your drinking water. Water Solutions also offers whole house soft water systems that softens your household water supply. They also offer reverse osmosis filter systems, coolers, chillers, bottled water and filtered shower heads


Audio – Bath Fitter at 2010 Home Expo

Acrylic shower refinishing, acrylic bathtub refinishing to replacement bathtub covers and tub-to-shower conversions combined with a wide range of bathtub designs and acrylic bathtub liners makes tub refinishing and resurfacing easy to retrofit your bathroom with Bath Fitter.


Video – Bathroom Renovation Superhero

You too can become a bathroom renovation handyman and improve your bathroom maintenance and repair home improvement skills by learning diy bathroom renovation and bathroom remodeling tips, tricks and ideas at Bathroomguru Review.


Audio – Beyond Foam Insulation at Home Expo 2010

Beyond Foam Insulation are foam masters that specialize in environmentally friendly expanding spray foam insulation for your home. This eco friendly spray foam insulation makes your home more energy efficient so you save money by reducing your heating cost with this foam insulation when renovation your home.


Audio – Transform Your Bathroom With Granite Transformations

Granite Transformations is an environmentally friendly company that uses recycled and green products for kitchen and bathroom renovations. Eco friendly post consumer recycled glass, engineered stone (quartz and granite) and glass mosaics can be installed over your existing vanity countertops, floors, bathroom walls or shower pans.