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There are three main types of bathroom furniture. Stand alone, modular and fitted. Stand alone furniture as the name suggests is designed to stand on its own and is not normally attached to the piece next to it. In fact most free standing furniture does not have a clean edge so it is normally impossible to attach another piece to the side without leaving a small gap between the two pieces. The most common type of freestanding furniture is the vanity unit. This allows for storage under the basin but takes up the minimum amount of space. This is ideal for storage in small bathrooms.

Modular furniture is similar to stand alone furniture but have flat sides so that pieces can be added together to make a line (or run) of furniture. This allows for a lot more units to be fitted within the bathroom. Normally this type of furniture incorporates a back to wall toilet and cistern housing. These types of units are best fitted with a gap at either end, as they do not come with filler panels or extra worktop to fill in odd spaces.

Fitted furniture is similar to modular but has a range of units and additional items to ensure that it can be fitted wall to wall without any gaps. This type of furniture also has the largest number of unit sizes and styles available. Fitted furniture in small bathrooms can have the effect of making the room appear smaller.

Wooden Bathroom Products: All wooden bathroom products must be treated with the utmost of care within the bathroom. Whilst wooden products are coated with a specially finished lacquer which is specifically designed to withstand splashes and condensation, it is important to ensure that water is not in prolonged contact with these surfaces as this will over time lead to surface damage. 

If you are inexperienced at fixing up your home then you have come to the right place. Most of us are. These newbie design concepts are easy to understand so that any green horn can learn these techniques. Remember, to create a fashionable house you need to know where to shop to get the right quality goods for your lavatory.

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