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There are no classical sizes for a wash basin but one of the most commonly utilized sizes used around the world is 400 x 425mm. Many of the opulent wash basins can be rather more oversize than a natural sized basin. There are some fashion designer and glass wash basins that are commonly placed in en-suite bathrooms and also rather immense in size.

One of the current directions is a small wash hand basin that can be wall-hung and compared to a larger basin, it will need a support for supporting any extra weight. If your home has an en-suite, bathroom, and cloakroom then to keep the style same in all the places you can use the wall-hung wash basins, which are available in plenty of colors and style. There are different types of beautiful wall-hung wash basins available and you can check some of them online at the Fuzing megastore. One of the best wall-hung basins is the ones available in 400x250x155mm and made of vitreous China. These wall-hung wash basins are purchasable in different colors too like white, off white, blue, green, yellow etc.

When connecting wall-hung basins you need to assure that they have been well attached to their brackets because excessive mass can lead to cracks forming in the basins. If you have a small cloakroom then you can use the small wall-hung basins, which can be attached using some special brackets. If you are trying to fit some of the larger wall hung basins then you can rest them on a specially made semi-pedestal that will be able to hold your wash basin up and even cover up the waste pipe. Another important thing that you need to ensure when fitting wall-hung basins is that the wall on which you are going to mount the basin should be strong enough to take the load.

Wash basin Material

One of the important aspects of wash basins that you need to look at while buying one is the material it is made of. The most durable is ceramic but the most stylish is glass. Glass wash basin has become quite a popular design statement off late and is being used by more and more people. A glass wash basin has the ability to attract attention and can enhance the décor of an otherwise average bathroom. Today the market is replete with cutting edge glass wash basins. Some of the glass wash basins are available in transparent colors, some are simply transparent and some have irresistible and beautiful floral or other designs.

Some of the different dimensions available for a glass wash basin include:
* T19m/m x DIA 425 x H150
* T12m/m x DIA 425 x H150
* T12m/m x DIA 415 x H110
* T12m/m x L, W440 x H130
* T12m/m x L, W425 x H140
* T12m/m x DIA 475 x H8
* T12m/m x DIA 425 x H130
* T12m/m x W368 x L538 x H133
* T12m/m x L, W387 x H115 and more

Depending on the type of design the glass wash basin has, you can either mount it on the wall or have a pedestal unit with a small cupboard box and mirror, which can be used as a vanity kit or for keeping essential toiletries. Most of the glass wash basins have been designed in such a way that they have to be used with specific basin trap and waste and basin tap mixers.

Another type of wash basin, which is showing increasing popularity, is the above-the-counter wash basins that are available in glass, ceramic, as well as stainless steel. As compared to glass and stainless steel, it is easier to maintain ceramic.

Choosing A Wash Basin

There are certain basic things that you need to remember while shopping for a bathroom wash basin like:
* When selecting a wash basin ensure that the tap fittings have not been made. This is normally done because there are particular types of mixers that can be used only in specific wash basins.

* If you are looking to buy a pair of concealed mixers combined with a wall-hung water closet, then it is important to look at the structural stability of the walls before you proceed with mounting the wash basins. One alternative is that you can build a false wall.

* When you have selected a wash basin there is a probability that the basin has a small crack underneath, which might not catch the eye. Hence you should always check the entire basin and if required fill it with water to find out if it is of good quality or not.


Everybody requires a push in the right direction sometime, here you can get the assistance you need to finally start your project with workable interior solutions. Sometime you need to amp up your washroom with chic stylistic changes. One way to achieve your goals is to find the newest wrinkle that will influence your decor sensibilities. Another way is to get inspiration is through news about  the latest bathware packages here for those that don’t have the time to do the research themselves.

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