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Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

Cheap Does Not Mean Ugly

A lot of people believe that if you employ cheap bathroom remodeling solutions then you have few choices and can’t really create a memorable bath for less money. However, even though your makeover budget may be small, you can still design a bathing space with all the “wow” you want.

Inexpensive refurbishing ideas that pack a punch and can transform your lavatory the way that you want just take a little more creativity. Chances are, you won’t be ripping up your floor or creating a shower cubicle with multiple shower heads and wall to wall designer tile, but you will get the bath space you want on a tight budget. Below are a few low-cost home repair techniques to get you started on your budget conscious renovation project.

With any cheap bath alteration, pound for pound, dollar for dollar, paint is your best bet for an economical way to freshen up the space. The color choices are endless and the low price per gallon is perfect approach for the person trying to revamp their home with a modest budget. For less than $100 you can have a complete and affordable upgrade to your bathing space – and repainting is something that you can do every year and still not burn a hole in your pocket book.

Versatile Solutions

Paint is a cheap method that’s also versatile. Of course you can use multiple colors on your bathroom walls, but an idea that will fit nicely into your modest remodeling budget is to use painter’s tape creatively to create two-toned stripes on your walls.

Or you can use this cost saving tactic to mimic a wainscoting effect by painting one color on the bottom half of the lavatory walls and a second color on the top half. If you want to get really creative, you can try stencilling a border on your walls to get a big look while keeping the cost of your renovation low. Really, your choices with paint are endless, even though your home improvement budget is small.

When trying to save a buck your approach probably won’t include brand new cabinets, yet you can still do a few things to make your cabinets look like new when revitalizing your bath. New nobs and pulls for your old cabinets can make a big difference, but won’t put a big dent in your limited funds. A quick trip to your local hardware store will show you all of your options and they will have solutions that can fit even the cheapest room alteration.

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