Ugly Bathroom Help!

A Story to be Inspired by…

This is my story about my ugly bathroom. I’m almost embarrassed to share it with you because I felt so helpless and my self-esteem plummeted because of my inexperience with home renovations. I remember asking myself "How come this has to be so difficult? I hate having to figure this out all by myself! , There must be a way to make this easier!"

In fact, my washroom got so bad I actually stopped inviting my friends over and would make up excuses whenever they wanted to visit and because of its unsightly appearance my social life really suffered. But that is all behind me now, I am so grateful I no longer harbor those self defeating emotions about what others thought of me and my home.

Woman in coveralls not to sure where to start painting a room

I feel almost compelled to tell my homely looking washroom story in order to lend a hand to those in a similar remodeling situation and help them overcome such self limiting beliefs. For those that don’t know me, they would be surprised to find out I was continually feeling embarrassed and guilty for living with a lavatory that was not only unattractive but it was also falling apart!

I just want you to know I understand what you are going through because I too once silently suffered from remorse and self-doubt because I lived with a less than perfect bathing space . I am here to tell you that you don’t have to feel lost or worthless. There really is a light at the end of that remodeling tunnel.

All it takes is a little belief in yourself and a great resource dedicated to augmenting your bathing space to give you the information you need to put your lavatory back on the path of recovery. I had read somewhere that seventy-percent of all household accidents occurred in the bathing chamber and I personally did not want to become just another statistic.

Is Your "Ladies Room" an Accident Waiting to Happen ?

We have all been there; that unpleasant churning feeling in the pit of your stomach before you even enter your homely looking bathing quarters . I had been putting off fixing up my lavatory for a very, very long time and now I was beginning to dread going in there because it was only getting worse with each passing day.

So I avoided using my “hideous” washroom as much as possible. When I was in there I would shun even looking around me or close the shower curtains so I wouldn’t have to see my flaking paint or mold and mildew in my shower stall. Yet in the back of my mind I knew if I did not attend to the present problems now, in the future the cost would be compounded if I waited too long. It was really an ominous and displeasing situation to be in. I actually felt kind of despicable for letting it go on for so long.

Later I learned just how dangerous it was to have black mold spores growing in my home and I was glad to have finally fixed up that potential “death trap/health hazard.” Back then, my philosophy was out of sight, out of mind; unfortunately “out of sight” did not mean that the problem ceased to exist.

Where Expense and Lack of Knowledge Collide

I think its natural human tendency to downplay the conflicts in our lives so we can function from day to day and my eyesore of a washroom definitely got the blind eye treatment.

Sometimes it takes a dramatic event or a life changing experience to snap you out of your procrastination and propel you into action. Mine was my in-laws were coming to visit for a week and I didn’t want to give them another excuse to talk behind my back about why I wasn’t good enough to be married to their son. Or how I couldn’t take care of my family on mine and my husband’s modest salaries. The truth of the matter was we were able to pay our bills, mortgage and some extracurricular activities for the kids and that was the sum of it.

We had very little left over for any kind of home improvement expense unless we could potentially save a buck or two by doing the work ourselves. Since my husband was always on the road traveling to different trade shows around the country, the responsibility fell on me to take care of our home while he was away.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the slightest clue about home renovations and the other setback was finding the time to work on my unsightly dressing room, especially with having to drive one of my boys to hockey three times a week and his other sibling to dance class. It was hard enough just trying to survive, let alone “trying to keep up with the Jones’s!”

In my lavatory things were really getting bad. The vile development of decay was frightfully creeping in. The paint was beginning to peel and curl at an alarming rate where the tiles met the wall from water overspray. This was a previously owned home and whoever had built the shower enclosure was obviously trying to save some money .

From Bad to Worse

The tiled wall did not go up high enough so water from the shower was constantly wetting the walls and as a result, in the cracks and high up on the shower walls, dark spots of black mold was beginning to form on the peeling and faded paint job.

I had bleached the walls once already but because my exhaust fan was partially clogged from thick dust that had hardened from the constant condensation, I could turn it on for hours and the walls were still moist after a shower, which made it practically useless and costly to leave it running.This was a horribly wretched situation which desperately needed to be fixed.

My tiles were a yellowish off white color with a distasteful yellow-ochre flowery pattern on the surface. The grout between my shower tiles was grungy and stained and no matter what cleaners I used it always looked dirty.

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