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Finding the right coverings for your bathroom walls and ceilings is a matter of personal preference. Painting your walls and ceilings is economical and practical but there are many other wall finishes that are inspiring and can add beauty plus timeless charm or creative pizzazz to your bathroom. Essentially it boils down to the look you are trying to create. Surface materials such as ceramic, glass, porcelain and even metal tiles can transform your bathroom whether you are embarking on a simple bath facelift, a major makeover project or a complete reconstruction of an entirely new bathroom space. Classic options such as natural stone and wood are other surface materials that have been used in lavatories for a very long time. Other materials such as sheet vinyl withstand moisture more readily than wall paper; thought wall paper can be put in a powder room where moisture is not an issue. PVC and other plastic based wall coverings are modern surface materials that are easy to clean, hygienic and can be easily moulded into custom made enclosures for your bathroom.

Today baths are functional, planned to be more personal as well as aesthetically pleasing with decorating wall and ceiling schemes that reflect the individual’s tastes. Whatever your budget there is a bathroom wall or ceiling surface material to suit your needs and let you create whatever look you like. Paneling coated with melamine makes it water resistant and can be installed easily on your bathroom walls, glass and glass blocks are better suited for shower surrounds to provide both privacy and a contemporary look to your bathroom.

Ceilings are often an afterthought in most bathroom design projects. But remember that a high ceiling can add volume and drama to your small bathroom space. Having lighter colours on your ceiling makes it recede while a darker colour on your ceiling visually brings the ceiling down. Ceiling recesses adds interest, faux finishes and patterns draw the viewer’s attention skyward and medallions are another interesting decorative treatment that will definitely set your ceiling apart from the mundane. 

Other related topics on bath solutions, model your bathing space on top of that you can spruce up your lodgings, keeping your residence looking fresh and stocking up on the best fixtures to make your readyroom look up to date.

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  • Ceilings are actually pretty important in most bathroom design projects, therefore getting ceiling ideas from other places to make your bathroom ceilings less boring is a first step.

    November 23, 2011 at 9:35 am

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