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Converting a Single Sink To a Double Bathroom Basin

Spatial Relationship

If you are thinking of converting a single sink to a double configuration, the most important consideration in your renovation decision is to determine if you have enough space for adapting into a double spread. Sure, remodeling your only sink into a contemporary double basin masterpiece is a great way to update an older grooming space, and a pair of fixtures is always better than one in a busy washroom environment. But the last thing you want is to make your bathing facility feel more cramped and crowded than it is.

Changing out your old handbasin for new practical dual his and her double basins should feel like a natural use of your grooming station. If you are renovating your entire bath, then you may have more design options for the layout. But if you are simply replacing your single sink with a double set, then your options are limited to the available space.

The Bump Test

The best way to test this is to have two people stand side by side in the space where you want to place the fixtures to  see if they feel like there is adequate room. If they can go through the motions of regular bathroom activities, like washing their face and brushing their teeth, at the same time without constantly bumping into each other, then chance are your space is acceptable.

Once you have your elbow room issues sorted out, the next step is to choose the design that suits your personality and your needs. Do you have classic bathroom design tastes, or do you lean towards the more modern decor spectrum?

If your notion is towards traditional then you should be able to find a fixture replacement in most home improvement stores. However, if your design choices are more modern bent, then you might have to turn to high-end, specialty shops to find the fixture design that’s right for you.

Page 1. Spatial Relationship

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