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Slate In Design Shines at The Calgary Home + Interior Design Show

Cascading Water-Features to Enhance Your Decor

Captivating, alluring, enduring and enchanting are just a few of the words that come to mind when looking at these emotionally uplifting wall waterfalls created by Slate In Design.

Down at the Calgary Home + Interior Design Show I came across an oasis in a sea of vendors and as I stopped in to talk with the owner and creator of these magnificent works of art using natural and man-made materials,

I was intrigued to learn more about the company’s humble beginnings to where they are today with an incredible demand for these one of a kind artistic masterpieces.

If you are a connoisseur of art you can appreciate the endless possibilities for the application of these 3-D wall waterfalls, from the refuge of your spa bathroom, to your living room feature wall, to the foyer of a major corporation, these works of art can find a home just about anywhere.

Owner Clint Eklund invented and developed the wall fountains Slate in Design has pioneered since 1995. These custom made indoor and outdoor waterfalls and fountains are beautiful three dimensional sculptural pieces of art that can be finished in copper, stainless steel, powder coating, stones, special textural glass or 3 form glass & acrylic. 

Quoted as saying, “We are master water wall builders and work off a portfolio of over 2,000 ecstatic buyers in Canada alone.” It is easy to see why Clint is so stoked about what he does.

Everyone knows about the calming effects of running water, combine this with the visual beauty of slate (the texture, feel and color of the material) and the shimmering, if not enchanting effects of cascading water over a textural or translucent background and you have a masterpiece that engages your senses to positive affect.

Page 1. Cascading Water-Features to Enhance Your Decor

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