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Easy access showers are specifically designed to aids those with mobility problems. Being able to bath yourself is one on the most important factors in retaining your independence and with a shower specifically designed to aid you in this your independence can be regained.
An easy access shower can usually take two forms.

Low/level access shower trays.

These can be in various shapes and sizes, but basically consist of a shower cubical which has either a low level access tray (small step over) or level shower trays (no step over). These trays can be specially designed to fill the space which your traditional bath sat in. These showers can be fitted with doors (single or double) which swing open to aid access. Wheelchair friendly showers can also be purchased. To prevent water from escaping from the shower full height doors can be fitted or alternatively half height doors with shower curtains can also be fitted. Half height doors will allow a helper to aid in washing by being able to lean over. A non slip tray can be fitted to improve safety. A seat can also be fitted for the user to us when showering.

Wet room or wet floor shower areas.

These systems are more modern, and consist of either the entire bathroom or the shower area being fitted with waterproof flooring with graduated drainage. These systems offer level access and are ideal for wheelchair users. Shower screens can be fitted to suit the users’ size. Again the wet room can be fitted with non slip flooring to increase safety. A seat can also be fitted for the user to us once in the shower 

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