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Plumbing Pipes Through Walls

Roughing in Your Drain Fittings

Running plumbing through your bathroom walls and floors is normally not an option if you want to protect your pipes and keep your bathing space looking uncluttered. The good part is, if you are undergoing a complete makeover, the framing members are already exposed so you don’t have to remove the drywall with demolition tools.

If you are new to home renovations, and this is your fist time rerouting piping through walls, just be prepared to spend two or three days cutting into walls (possibly flooring also) and running your plumbing pipes through your framing members, not to mention the time afterwards when you have to patch up your handiwork.

It would also be prudent to have working knowledge of your homes architectural structure, so you don’t accidently cut through a load bearing wall, thereby jeopardizing the integrity of your home.

It’s also important that before running pipes through your wall and floor joists that your plans have been approved by your local municipal building authority to ensure building code compliance. Renting or owning a right-angle drill with a hole-cutting saw attachment would also be an asset along with some basic carpentry skills.

Accessing Your Lines

Overcoming plumbing problems will be a lot easier if you plan ahead. Knowing what’s in your bath walls, through your home’s building plans, will be an advantage if you have to remove a section of your bathroom wall covering (or have to remove the drywall) in order to repair or replace old plumbing pipes.

And if you don’t already know, try to open up as much of your bathroom wall surface as possible which not only allows you to effectively snake your plumbing pipes through the walls but also allows you to work comfortably without any hindrance.

Most beginner renovators think that the smaller the opening the less patch-up work will be involved in the end but the truth of the matter is that it takes very little more time to patch up a large opening than it does a small hole in your wall but the reduction in frustration as you try to run your pipes through a partially obscured small enclosed space is just not worth the hassle. So essentially you want to remove the wall surface all the way up to your bathroom ceiling.

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