Delta Sink Faucets: A Comparison Guide

Cutting Edge and Stylish

Delta has maintained a tradition of excellence with its many lines of bathroom fixtures and accessories. Of particular interest are the Delta sink faucets that are skillfully made with different styling options to offer homeowners luxury bath products that are sturdy, beautiful and cutting edge. Whether you are looking for a timeless and classical vanity faucet or something to complement current faucet trends, Delta has all these plumbing fixtures and more.

The wide collection of Delta faucets manufactured for your bath sink can give you a stylish vanity display with a multitude of tap handles and spouts to complement any room design. One of the obvious advantages of Delta sink faucets is the many different high quality faucet models that are specially tailored according to your preferences and needs.

Platinum Delta bath faucets on dark granite stone counter with white hand towel

From wall mounted faucets to single hole versus three hole mounted faucets, Delta lavatory sink faucets give you the finishes, style and price you need to fit any bath remodeling budget. However, things can really clog up your renovation plans if you do not know what you are looking for when it comes to Delta sink faucets. To iron out the technicalities you will find a comparison guide below with the many faucet design ideas by Delta to help you with your tap purchasing decision. 

Centerset Sink Faucets Versus Wall Mounted

Delta wall mount basin faucets have gained momentum in homes that are looking for an alternative to traditional countertop Delta sink faucets. These Delta wall mounted faucets for your bathroom sink are timeless pieces that require a little more expertise to install them and are not recommended for first time DIY adventurers unless you know what you are doing.

The long spout and two handle system make water flow easy to control thus avoiding splashing and other inconvenient accidents with water. Many of the Delta wall mount sink faucets come with additional features that are dubbed as “smart features”. These “smart features” on Delta sink faucets can range from anything that involves water efficiency or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to CA/CV complaint.

The Delta wall mounted sink faucets are recommended for bathrooms that are designed to look spacious and these faucet models are easily adaptable to different themes whether they be Roman classicism or modern Avant-garde minimalistic design.A good vanity sink combination is to combine wall mounted faucets with a counter-mount vessel sink for a touch of class.

There are also Delta sink faucets that are center-set and come with a list of features that the wall mounted faucets do not have. One of these features is the Touch2O™ Technology that has revolutionized the way in which faucets are used and perceived in the lavatory. With this Delta sink faucet technology, it allows homeowners to have a more intuitive interaction with their Delta tap, that incorporates both hygiene and simplistic style in the fullest sense.

Instead of turning your faucet on and off with traditional mechanisms, this instead, is done automatically by touching anywhere on your Delta tap that have these features. Other smart features on these Delta sink products include (ADA), electronic sensors and water efficiency appliances to reduce your utility bill.