Price Pfister T43-YP0C Ashfield Lavatory 4″ Lav, Chrome

Choosing the Right Low Flow Faucet to Meet Your Needs

An important trend in bathroom faucet design is lower-flow bathroom faucets, the Price Pfister T43-YP0C Ashfield Lavatory 4" Lav, Chrome, being a prime example. When it comes to lavatory faucets, the most important feature that all consumers agree upon is that they want a faucet that is resilient, requires modest, if any maintenance at all and is water and energy efficient.

These low flow bathroom faucets are now being marketed by companies like Price Pfister, whose Ashfield faucet is shown below, and have a maximum flow rate that's approximately 30 percent lower than conventional models.

A WaterSense credential is the new benchmark in whether or not a fixture meets the current environmental water savings standards.

Price Pfister T43-YP0C Ashfield Lavatory Faucet Chrome with watersense logo.

The Price Pfister T43-YP0C Ashfield Lavatory 4" Lav model meets and exceeds compliance with existing faucet-construction and performance standards as well as the additional WaterSense requirements.

WaterSense-qualified faucets supply a maximum flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute at 60 pounds per square inch and must also have a minimum flow of 0.8 gpm at 20 psi to conform with EPA expectations.

Two Handel Taps Are The Most Convenient and Popular

It should also go without saying that consumers also want a bang for their buck, not necessarily cheap, but more towards something that is fairly priced. The Price Pfister T43-YP0C Ashfield Lavatory 4" Lav faucet model, is a nicely priced bathroom faucet at about $127 USD and it certainly won't leave a hole in your wallet.

The top selling brands of bath faucets are the two handle models because they are easy to use and let you adjust water temperature more accurately.

Bathroom decorators agree that level handles are the best choice for an easy grip, such as those on the Price Pfister T43-YP0C Ashfield Lavatory 4" Lav model. Another thing to look at when picking your bathroom faucet is to pay close attention to size as well as theme of your faucet as you don't want your faucet to be too large or small for your vanity area.

A major point to consider when choosing the best new water efficient bathroom faucet is whether or not it meets the WaterSense standards.

The Price Pfister T43-YP0C Ashfield Lavatory 4" Lav bathroom faucet is easy to use and is also durable and reliable. Its contemporary look and conventional size would fit nicely in any bathroom environment and it is easily affordable for any bathroom renovator. If you're in the market for a new bathroom faucet,

The Price Pfister T43-YP0C Ashfield Lavatory 4" Lav bathroom faucet may be just what you are looking for.

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