Walk in Showers

Effective Space Saving Functionality

Walk in showers are in. In fact some homeowners prefer the invigorating experience of a shower as compared to a slow soak in a bathtub. This should not come as a surprise as home owners today are looking for both space saving functionality and stylish innovation.

These enclosures are not only trendy, but because you can purchase small corner models, these units also offer the bath renovator more options for placement and design.

This is increasingly important in powder rooms or second bathrooms where families now have the option to add a shower in the basement or attic.

Clean looking white interior, accent black and whiter tiles, glass walk-in shower stall at end of room, wall hung vanity and toilet on one wall opposite the door

And these showers don’t just have to be small corner units either, in Europe a popular concept in bath design is the wet room or open layout in which there are no barriers separating the different stations in the room.

Modern Wet Rooms

This open space concept gives your bathing facility a more spacious feel and is best suited for couples who don’t mind sharing the space or single owner homes where there is no privacy issues or need to schedule washroom usage times. In fact in some households walk in showers have become so popular that they have replaced the bathtub altogether.

When it comes bath design, the simplicity of the enclosure creates a fresh and open feel in your home. For large family baths walk in units offer a spacious design with ample room for couples or children that like to bathe together to save both time and water in the process.

Frameless or framed, partially enclosed or fully enclosed these models all have a place in the modern bathroom.

A Frameless Model Opens up the Space

A frameless enclosure adds spaciousness and contemporary beauty to your bathing area, whereas a framed model can be made to match the other finishes in your bathroom for visual integration. And if privacy in your bath is an issue, then frosted glass can be used to discretely seclude the bather from the rest of the room.

Fully enclosed units gives the bather the ability to transforming their shower into an invigorating steam shower, thereby eliminating to need to go to a spa to enjoy the luxuries of a steam bath.

Add a removable stool or chair and you have a relaxing place to blow off some steam after a hard days work. And to accentuate the spa like feel even further, augment your space with a multi-head shower panel that offers both versatility and relaxation from the massaging multifunctional jets.

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