Refinish Bathtubs and Sinks

Rescue Your Old Tub

Resurfacing tubs and sinks in your bathroom allows you to rescue your tired old tub and sink by spraying on an acrylic urethane resin coating. For most homeowners when their tub or sink is damaged or discolored beyond recognition, it is usually time to replace the fixtures at a sizable expense. What most home renovators don’t realize is that they can refinish their bathtub or sink at a nominal cost as compared to a complete removal and replacement of their fixtures.

If your bathing space or sink is looking older than it actually is, with little experience, you too can successfully bring back the sheen to your worn and dull tub and sink surfaces. With the proper application, bathtub and sink refinishing is a process that can make dated colors, swirls, cracks and scratches all disappear at a fraction of the cost of buying new fixtures.

bathtub refinishing equipment

Refinishing bathtubs and sinks can not only make your grooming space look amazing once again but it also allows you to change the color of your tub or sink to compliment any new décor or redecorating plan. You will need to acquire a list of materials to properly refinish your bathtub and sink, so before you get started make sure you have everything you need!

Surface Restoration Tools

Repairing and refinishing bathtubs and sinks requires the following materials for surface restoration:

• Gloves (the thicker the better, so try to get some high quality rubber ones)

• Face protection equipment (this includes a respirator and protection for the eyes)

• Piece of cloth

• Chemical cleaners

• Primer

• Paint

• Sand paper

• Knife

When refinishing bathtubs and sink in your bathroom, you’ll be working with chemicals that will irritate your skin so you should always wear protective equipment to avoid any chemicals from touching your body or unnecessarily inhaling noxious fumes.

Proper ventilation is also mandatory with bathtub and sink re-glazing, as working in a closed space with so many chemicals is not an option. Turn on all fans and open all windows in your was hroom, and make sure nobody else enters the room while you’re working especially children or individuals with asthma or other related breathing problems!

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