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OnEsta Tile at the Calgary Home and Interior Design Show

A Sensational Subfloor Solution

Down at the Calgary Home and Interior Design Show I happened to bump into Mark Heinemann of OnEsta Tile Supply and we started talking about the popularity of heating your bathroom floors using Laticrete Floor HEAT.

By the way OnEsta Tile Supply is a Calgary based wholesaler that provides beautiful imported natural stone, marble, slate and porcelain tile to both residential and commercial customers. Established in 2007 Onesta is rapidly growing to serve the busy Calgary market.

When most people think of heated tiles they imagine a hot toasty floor but you really don’t want your floors to be steaming hot, just warm enough so you won’t be chilled to the bone when you step out of your warm bed onto them in the wee hours of the morning.

Page 1. A Sensational Subfloor Solution

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