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Bathroom Ceilings

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Upper Surfaces

As you develop your bathroom layout, it is very easy to overlook the ceiling in your washroom, yet your rooms overhead wall is an important element in your baths overall design. Most people forget that a bath ceiling must be resistant to moisture and humidity just like your walls and floors, so your choice of ceiling material and proper ventilation should seriously be taken into consideration to prevent mold or warping.

A typical bathroom ceiling is about eight feet in height. Depending upon the size of your bathing space, the ceiling can make your bath appear cozy or you can add drama to the room by incorporating a high ceiling.

Sometimes this can be too much and one way of fixing a ceiling that is too high is to either install a lower hanging false ceiling or by simply painting or tiling a border strip around your interior walls about the eight foot level to create the illusion of a lower ceiling area.

Adding Dynamic Dimension to the Room

Your bath ceiling can be flat but a ceiling of varying heights can add an interesting variable and insert visual texture to a typically mundane design element. If done strategically the recess in your overhead space can also conceal light fixtures or track lighting for focused lighting or you can set a mood with dimming lights.

Just don’t get too fancy because you will need adequate lighting for all your grooming tasks such as shaving or applying your makeup.

Another way of adding interest to your rooms overhead wall is to hang a false ceiling with slightly different tones of ceiling material to create a subtle checkerboard pattern. You can even incorporate translucent panels with lights behind them into your roofing grid.

But beware, this patterned look has a tendency of drawing the eye upwards and may even make your bath appear cramped which can be distracting, so keep any patterns at the top of your rooms enclosure to a bare minimum.

Using Color to Highlight or Diminish Overhead Space

In a smaller room it’s usually best to have a partition above that is the same colour of your other walls or even slightly lighter to help and help make the ceiling disappear.

Needless to say, most overhead walls will be painted. Make sure to use a high grade mold resistant paint to apply to your upper spaces. The typical bathroom ceiling has lights, an exhaust fan and possible vent pipes to help ventilate the moisture ridden room.

An alternative to a overhead fan or exhaust fan is a ceiling heater which can also be used to keep your grooming space dry and toasty by aiding in your heating, lighting, ventilation and deodorization needs.

Page 1. Don’t Forget to Protect Your Upper Surfaces

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