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Wall Construction and Framing

Constructing an Architectural Partition

You might be considering the addition of an extra non-load-bearing wall in your bathroom but have no clue as to how bath walls are constructed and framed. Learning wall fabrication terminology will be your first step to understanding how washroom walls are built.

Knowing things like framing members in the floor and ceiling are called joist will go a long way to successfully erecting a wall. Look no further, this article will take you through easy to follow steps that will show you how to frame and build a new wall in your lavatory.

Continue reading and before you know it you will have all the necessary information needed to get your project on its way to either replace your old and damaged interior walls or simply just to expand your bathing space.

Before you begin any project, it is important to note that some municipal building regulations stipulate that a room such as your bathroom should have at least one window that gives access to the outside of the property if possible. So if you were planning to divide your grooming space in two using a partition, mapping a slot for an extra window is a good idea.

Assembling the Tools Needed for Fabrication

With that said, here is a list of equipment and materials you are going to need to frame and begin the assembly of your new wall:

Tape Measure


Drill (optional)


Circular Saw

2”x4” boards

Saw horses

Spirit Level



Screws (optional)

Now that you have an idea of what you are going to need for framing your bath wall, it is now time to follow this simple tutorial to begin the erection of your new partition.

First of all before you begin the construction process, decide exactly where you want your new wall to span. You will need enough pieces of lumber to stretch from one wall to the other.

Establishing the Correct Dimensions

To determine the length of your bathroom, use your tape measure to obtain the figures and then use your saw horses to hold your 2”x4” boards in place while you cut with a circular saw until you have the appropriate length of lumber to span the gap from one wall to the other.

Next to proceed with your project, begin nailing the 2”x4” boards that were cut on the floor. This is called the sole plate and will be the foundation for your new wall partition when framing your bath wall.

When you have finished nailing in place your sole plate, continue the building process by taking out your spirit level and 2 lengths of lumber. Raise one length vertically on your sole plate and place firmly against one side of the wall.

Page 1. Constructing an Architectural Partition

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